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My name is Robert Foster, I am from Cranston, RI and I will be a member of Team USA in the 2019 World Transplant Games in Newcastle, England in Aug!

On May 26th of 2011, I donated a kidney to my sister who had double kidney failure and was very sick from the effects of dialysis. Nearly 7 years later, she is doing amazing with her health and quality of life.  I was a little nervous about my own health after the donation but I haven't missed a beat at all.  Anyone considering being a donor please do so, it's an amazing feeling seeing my sister happy again and I know there a lot of people out there suffering from organ failure that need a hero in their lives! I am starting this page as I am looking to raise $5,000 or more to help with my expenses, to support the New England Donor Services, and to raise awareness for the need of living donors. The games celebrate transplant recipients, donors that gave the gift of life, and their families. With the funds, I want to sponsor RI/Southern New England Transplant Recipients and Donors that want to attend the games that couldn't otherwise afford to go. You can visit the website to get specifics about the games: and about becoming a donor here:  Please help me support this amazing cause and provide the opportunity for others to attend the games and celebrate their respective journeys!


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